Try solnadior for 30 days. Full version.
Pour Windows 98Se / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

Solnadior 2.8 is available for download and use for 30 days from the date of installation with permission until 30/10/16.
A key generating exceptional extension may be communicated to institutions on request.

Solnadior 2.8 (29 983 ko)- (Last updated 08.08.16).

Any version installed before 8.5.2016 benefits from a new credit of 30 days time.
It is necessary to uninstall the previous version.


Self-extracting solnadior_2816081.exe file is copied to your hard drive and files are decompressed in the temporary directory of the current user (can be removed later). To start the installation simply follow the instructions. Activation with a provided key can be performed at any time, even after the trial period is exceeded.

Antivirus : it is possible that your antivirus triggers a distrust message on the installation file or executable in the first use without having detected any real threat! Unknown or recent executables are always "suspicious" for such protection software. In this case it is necessary to allow installation.(Real Mode: proscribed sandbox!)

The best way may be to download the file by saving it to a place of the hard drive, scan it with the antivirus and then start the Setup.

It is necessary to temporarily disable the antivirus/firewall before proceeding with the installation if it is too restrictive,in order to not turn this operation in obstacle course !

Digital Signature : All executable files of Solnadior are signed. Do not run these files if the signature is invalid. An invalid signature is due to intentional or accidental modification of files !
To check the signature of an executable (*.exe file) : select the file and right-clicking on properties select the Digital Signatures tab. Windows gives all the information about the signature including the validity, the certificate and approval by a High Authority. (solnadior is certified by GlobalSign)

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